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THEONAS G. VASILEIOSDr of Physics National and Kapodistrian University of AthensMSc in Materials ScienceEnvironmental Impact Studies

​The environment scientist, Dr. Theonas Vasileios works as a scientific - technical advisor and produces environmental impact studies in the Cyclades. He has his registered office in Naxos town.

He graduated from the University of Patras, Department of Physics (1994) and has a Master's degree in Condensed Matter Physics (materials science) from the Physics Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2000). In 2013 he received his Ph.D. from the Department of Physics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens for his thesis: "Study of transport and operational parameters for III-V semiconductor radiation detectors". 

In 1999, he received a degree under category 27 of Law 3316/05, "Environmental Studies", and since then has been working as an environmental scientist and producing studies for public and private projects. He has also worked as a scientific/technical advisor based in Athens and undertaking work throughout Greece. He was also a researcher/associate at the semiconductors laboratory of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Physics Department (2000-2008), and at the same time he was a laboratory assistant in that department and in the Athens TEI (2004-2005) and the Chalkida TEI (2005-2009).

He has been a board member and environmental project development manager of the company Inergy Development AE, a deputy member of the Greek Society of Computer Scientists (EPPY) and a certified trainer registered in the EKEPIS registry. He speaks English and is married to the Naxos notary, Aikaterini Foutakoglou. 

In 2009 he moved the headquarters of his activities to Naxos and the main focus of his work is the Cycladic islands.


Environmental Licensing

The office producing environmental studies (Α.Μ ΓΕΜ 13282) has been open since 1999 and has drawn up a large number of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) in connection with the licensing of public works and private activities in many areas of Greece.The firm specialises in licences for a wide range of public works including:

  • Roads
  • Biological Treatment of municipal wastewater
  • Water supply projects (desalination plants and their supply of seawater and the disposal of brine, fast refineries, reservoirs, etc.)
  • Port works (fishing shelters, yacht marinas, individual piers, ramps for lifting and launching boats, etc.)
  • Environmental infrastructure systems (environmental restoration of landfills, facilities for the storage and transhipment of non-hazardous waste, etc.)

The firm specialises in licences for a wide range of activities including:

  • High-risk industrial facilities
  • Processing activities in the construction sector
  • Factories and workshops in the food and beverage sector
  • Professional workshops in all sectors of economic activity
  • Power plants producing electricity from renewable sources (RES)
  • Tourist facilities and urban development projects in the building sector, sport and leisure

Specialised Studies & Service

Producing the specialised studies and papers needed at various stages of the licensing process for projects and activities. For example:

  • Safety and risk studies (for plants affected by the SEVESO Directive)
  • Occupational risk assessment studies
  • Solid waste management studies and drafting annual waste reports
  • Studies on the Organisation and Operation of Collection and Transport Systems for Non-hazardous solid waste
  • Studies on the disposal of liquid industrial waste
  • Local Waste Management Plans for Municipalities
  • Technical Studies for Environmental Rehabilitation
  • Special ecological assessments (for projects and activities in areas within the Natura 2000 network)
  • Files/papers necessary for licences to be granted to operate water resource exploitation and water use projects
  • Files/papers necessary for licences to be granted for projects using foreshore and seabeds for the common good
  • Files/papers necessary for licences to be granted to installations (manufacturing activities)
  • Action plans for sustainable energy in OTA
  • Energy studies
  • Files/papers necessary for licences to be granted to RES units
  • Folders of investment plans and technical bulletins to raise financing from EU programmes
  • Quality Manuals as part of integrated quality systems certification under ISO
  • Technical reports necessary to obtain a positive opinion/decision from the Ministry of Culture

Development of small photovoltaic plants

Energy modelling, design (choice of equipment), licensing, construction and monitoring the operation of small photovoltaic systems in the context of current programmes for selling electricity to the network (home systems) or self-production (net metering systems).The service is provided in all the Cycladic islands, and provides ready to operate solutions that include: 

  • Surveying the area available for units to be installed 
  • Producing scenarios for the size and area of the power plant in conjunction with the consumer’s existing or anticipated electricity consumption 
  • Use of reliable models to predict the average monthly and annual electricity output
  • Market research to find the appropriate equipment
  • Licensing of the power unit by HEDNO and signing the electricity connection and selling contracts
  • Ordering equipment and arranging for its transport to the customer’s site,
  • Installation of equipment by a licenced installer, configuration of the unit and connection to the local power grid
  • Follow up


Dr. Theonas G Vasileios

Environmental Scientist
Environmental Impact Studies

Κiprou & Irakleias
84300 Chora Νaxou, Νaxos

Τel.: 22850 27181, Mob.: 6974 000 390, Fax: 22850 26046


Business hours: 09:00-17:00

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